1. How much does it cost a year to run a packaged sewage treatment plant?

    After understanding how much an installation project will cost up front, it is also important to have a good idea as to the running costs of your system so that there are no hidden surprises over the years.

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  2. How much does a new septic tank or sewage treatment system cost?

    When thinking about costs, the project itself can be broadly broken into specification, planning, purchasing, groundworks and commissioning.

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  3. Do Koi Ponds need Air Pumps

    Oxygen is an essential ingredient for the health of your valuable and cherished koi carp, but also for the overall health of the pond itself.

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  4. Questions and thoughts on health and safety installing sewage treatment systems

    Questions and thoughts on health and safety installing sewage treatment systems

    It goes without saying that the safety of the site team, customers and any third parties involved with an install project is the most important consideration: this article does not aim to be exhaustive or a replacement for a fully thought through health and safety policy however it aims to stimulate some thought around the issues that are more specific to a sewage treatment project than with generic groundwork and construction.

    Before discussing the particular risks associated with a typical domestic treatment plant installation, it is worth a quick review of the processes and planning that surround day to day site work: All ISO compliant health and safety systems have at their core a cycle of continuous improvement. A management system should make the right environment and structure for those working within it to naturally behave in the right fashion, reviewing outcomes, implementing and embedding

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  5. Fish Facts - good sewage treatment is about more than just compliance

    MPC Services works with domestic and commercial customers to keep their waste water systems running properly.  The obvious benefits include proper operation, reduced risk of failure, and controlling your long term costs.  For properties with off-grid sewage handling, whether septic tanks or active treatment plants, customers work with us to meet environmental compliance requirements.  Done well, on site sewage handling can improve your property and be cheaper long term than connecting to mains.


    What's that "environmental compliance" bit… 

    ...why does the Environment Agency care? and why should those of us who enjoy the country's waterways care - whether walking alongside, swimming in, or boating along?

    River biodiversity relies on rain water running o

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  6. New Septic Tank Emptying Regulations for 2020

    Everyone responsible for a property with a septic tank, or purchasing an estate with a tank was required by law to be compliant with the new legislation by January 2020

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  7. What can I Flush Down my Toilet?

    When it comes to what you can and should flush down any toilet, the list is actually very small. All toilets are designed to take your organic waste (stools and urine); you should be able to flush down unused soft food like soup or porridge; some can handle toilet paper (all on mains drainage should) and that is it.

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  8. Thinking of Buying a House with a Septic Tank?

    When considering the purchase of a house with a septic tank, it is wise to read up on just what it will mean for you. There is no need to be afraid, but rather a necessity to be well informed so that you don’t accidentally breach the rules and regulations.

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  9. Why you should Regularly Maintain your Treatment Plants and Pump Stations

    Any system will only carry on functioning at its optimum capacity with a bit of care and attention and this is never truer than with treatment plants and pump stations.

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  10. Potential Causes for your Treatment Plant Smelling

    When you have gone to the expense and trouble of installing a sewage treatment plant, whichever kind you may have opted for, it would obviously be a great cause for concern, stress and disruption should it begin to smell foul.

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