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  1. Why you should Regularly Maintain your Treatment Plants and Pump Stations

    Any system will only carry on functioning at its optimum capacity with a bit of care and attention and this is never truer than with treatment plants and pump stations.

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  2. Potential Causes for your Treatment Plant Smelling

    When you have gone to the expense and trouble of installing a sewage treatment plant, whichever kind you may have opted for, it would obviously be a great cause for concern, stress and disruption should it begin to smell foul.

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  3. Buying a new property with a sewage treatment plant or pumping station

    If you are purchasing a new property that has a “off mains drainage” system and you are daunted by the prospect let MPC Services provide you with some useful information to consider.

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  4. MPC – a brief overview of recent projects

    MPC have been busy bees of late. There is so much going on – not least helping a whole host of homeowners become compliant before the 2020 deadline (less than 6 months away now) when it comes to upgrading systems that involve septic tanks discharging directly into a watercourse.

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  5. Cleaning Products To Use When You Have a Septic Tank

    It's this very bacterium that thrives on the impurities in waste water and it’s important not to upset the natural balance of the bacteria in your septic tank to avoid any issues. Unfortunately, this can be easily done through simple household cleaning.
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  6. A Guide to Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    Due to the decline in the consumption of treated water and the inherent quality of rainwater, the use of the ancient rainwater harvesting technique is gaining popularity. The pH value of rainwater is neutral and it is also pure from any kind of disinfections caused by by-products, salts, or other man-made contaminants. Thus, it is considered to be very valuable because of its purity and softness.
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  7. Recovering from a flood or other disaster? How MPC Services can help.

    Disasters happen, whether we like it or not. When one occurs we like to know that there is help out there. This is no different when thinking about your drainage system. Usually, with adequate maintenance and servicing in place, good quality drainage systems rarely encounter problems.

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  8. How a Septic Tank Works

    Every time you flush a toilet or do laundry at home, the water and the water waste flows out the house and fall into the septic tank. A septic tank is primarily used to store wastewater. It holds the water until solid particles present in the water settle down to the bottom of the tank and the lighter waste rises to the top. Between these two layers is the cleared water which then flows through the outlet pipe and is then slowly dissipated into the drain field. The septic tank contains the bacteria which break down the organic waste matter, naturally slowing down the process of the sludge layer formation.
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  9. Package Pumping Stations Explained

    MPC Services have been helping Midlanders with all their waste problems for over twenty years and have become a market leader in all aspects of waste pumping and disposal. We also maintain and service the units we install and this has been getting great feedback from clients – no one wants a crisis to develop with a sewage system and we are finding that prevention in this sector is certainly a whole lot better than cure!
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  10. The difference between a sewage treatment plant, septic tank and cesspool.

    Even if these tests are passed, installing a soakaway can be a challenge due to regulations on where they can be placed. They must not be too close to buildings, boundaries or watercourses, be away from electrical cables or pipework and not be part of a road, driveway or other area where vehicles could pass over it and cause damage.
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