Flygt Ready 4 (BS 2004) 115v Manual Submersible Pump

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Flygt Ready 4 (BS 2004) 115v Manual Submersible Pump 

Please refer to to the downloadable brochures and data sheet below if you require more information on the Flygt Ready Series.

PDF Image  50 Hz Flygt Ready Series Brochure.
PDF Image  60 Hz Flygt Ready Series Brochure. 
PDF Image  Flygt Ready Series Datasheet.

The Flygt Ready series is the smallest designed pump available from Flygt and can be used in small or medium sized applications, such as removing water as well as abrasive and corrosive liquids, contaminated water as well as water that contains sand and gravel. This lightweight and portable series can be used in both industrial and domestic sites, such as being held in the back of a service van for a quick response to a flooding or a clean-up situation.
Not only are they durable due to their cast iron shells and polyurethane hydraulic parts, but also have a high wear resistance level and provide a high quality and high level of performance. The Ready series has been designed to have a removable top that allows a user to have easy access inside for cable changes and any component replacements over time. The Ready pumps have also been recogniced to help reduce environmental impact. Some applications of this particular series of pump include the dewatering construction sites, industrial drainage, the drainage of public utilities and emergancy pumping in case of flooding.  


Manufacturer:Flygt (Xylem)
Model:Flygt Ready 4 (BS 2004) 
Float Switch Type:Manual (No Float)
Outlet Size:2" RP
Running Amps:5.1A
Max Head:10m 
Max Submersion Depth:5m
Dimensions (HxWxD):438mm x 184mm x 438 mm
Weight:12 kg
Warranty:1 Year


Below is a graph that can be related to the Flygt Ready 4 (BS 2004) 115v Manual Submersible Pump. For more details on the specifications of the Ready series please refer to the downloadable brochures above.

Graph for the Flygt ready Series pumps

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