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Klargester BA/BB BioDisc Panasonic Motor and Gearbox

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Panasonic Motor & Gearbox for Klargester BA/BB Biodisc.
The motor and gearbox capacitor and keyway steel is included.


  Fitting and Operating Instructions

This is the original Panasonic Motor & Gearbox suitable for the Klargester BA, BA-X and BB BioDisc Sewage Treatment Plants and the replacement for the Vippa Motor & Gearbox.

This product comes complete with a start capacitor and keyway steel. The shaft on the end of the gearbox is 18mm.

If your motor and gearbox currently does not have a capacitor, you may also require a Klargester BA/BB Biodisc Capacitor Box for your system.

The combined motor & gearbox comprise a totally enclosed standard motor with grease lubricated and a grease-filled gearbox, neither of which will require any maintenance during the running of the unit under normal operating conditions. On installation, the mounting of the motor must allow a free flow of cooling air over the surface of the motor. This condition must be maintained under all circumstances. The method of mounting should also limit the radial force applied to the gearbox output shaft.

Please note: As per pansonic's opertating guidelines this combined unit cannot be separate as it will null and void all supplied warranty

PN: M9GS200B or M91Z50GK4VM1

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