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Sewage Treatment Plant & Pump Station Refurbishments

There are many reasons why your wastewater system could be failing; from lack of proper maintenance to the unit just being old and dilapidated with parts wearing out due to wear and tear.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a whole new system should your wastewater treatment system, pump station or soakaway fail.  You could save thousands of pounds by simply having it refurbished.

MPC Services (UK) Ltd service over 2000 wastewater systems & pump stations annually so we have all the experience needed to get your system back to working form.  Although we can't guarantee that it'll be as good as new we will endeavour to make it as near to it as we can. 

We specialise in leading brands such Klargester BioDiscs, BioSafes & BioTecs, along with Tricel, Balmoral and Conder to name but a few.

MPC Services work with systems of all sizes so you can rest assured that we have all the skills required to get your unit functioning again - whether you have a small residential sewage treatment plant or a large commercial pump station.

If you would like to discuss any issues you may be having with your wastewater system please give us a call on 01773 767612 option 2