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Secoh EL Service Kit SE10 - EL120/150/250W*/300W*

£58.80 £49.00

Secoh EL Series Service Kit (SE10).

The Secoh EL Blower are designed to run 24/7, 365 days a year, due to this huge running time continued maintenance is required to ensure that the compressor does not develop a major fault and increasethe lifespan of your compressor.

The SE10 Secoh service kit includes;

Replacement air filter2 x Replacement diaphragms2 x Replacement end caps4 x Alignment tools1 x Set of nuts and bolts
1 x Instruction sheet

This Service Kit is compatible with the following:

Secoh EL-120 Compressor
Secoh EL-120 Compressor
Secoh EL-150 Compressor

Secoh EL-250W Compressor (2 Kits Required)
Secoh EL-300W Compressor (2 Kits Required)

For EL60/EL80/EL100 (single head) and EL150W/EL200W (twin head) you will require SE2 Service Kit.

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