KSB Ama-Drainer N Range

Ama-Drainer N is part of KSB's latest generation of submersible pumps. The state-of-the-art waste water pump is designed to give top performance and achieve high levels of efficiency thanks to optimised hydraulic systems and motors.

Fully submersible, vertical, close-coupled single-stage submersible motor pumps, IP 68. These KSB Ama Drainer N pumps will operate with or without level control float, for a maximum immersion depth of 2m.

The Ama-Drainer's applications include:being built up into our own Effluent Package Pumping Stations | automatic drainage of sumps, pits, yards and basements subject to a flooding risk | lowering of surface water levels | drainage of underground passages | water extraction from rivers and reservoirs. 

All KSB Ama-Drainer pumps come with an internally integrated non-return valve which prevents back flow into the system and 10m of cable as standard.

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