Pedrollo TOP Floor Pumps



Flow rate up to 180 L/min (10.8 m³/hr)
Dynamic head up to 7 m

Operating Limits

Maximum operating depth 3m below water level
Maximum Fluid temperature + 40 °C
Maximum passage for suspended solids Ø 20mm
Maximum emptying level 25mm from the bottom

Pump Installation and Applications

TOP VORTEX pumps are suitable for handling dirty water which are not chemically aggressive to the pump and it's components.

This pump has been designed for ease of use and is extremely reliable even when subjected to continuous use as the motor is fully cooled. It is particularly suited for domestic use, to drain dirty water in all cases where suspended solids up to Ø 20mm have to be dealt with.


    • Emptying of pools and tanks

    • Disposal of domestic Sewage

    • Emptying of sump pits

Structural Characteristic

    • Delivery body made from fibreglass reinforced techno-polymer, particularly resistant to mechanical stress, knocks and corrosion, fitted with UNI ISO 228/1 1inch or 1¼ inch gas threaded vertical delivery port.

    • Suction strainer made from fibreglass-reinforced techno-polymer, providing the support base for the pump.

    • Techno-polymer Hose Connection with screw fitting

    • Fibreglass reinforced Nyotor shaft

    • Double seal system carbon / alumina (or optional silicon carbide hard faced) mechanical seal on the pump side, and lip seal on the motor side. A barrier oil chamber of bio-degradable oil lubricates and cools the sealing surfaces in the absence of water.

    • Sealed induction MOTOR suitable for continuous duty with built-in thermal cutout device (motor protector). INSULATION class F (provides the motor with a considerable overload tolerance and substantially increases the service life of the motor itself). Motor cooling is assured by the pumped liquid.

    • Protection IP 68.

    • UK pumps supplied with 10 metres of cable. Other alternatives on request.

    • Construction and safety standards in compliance with EN 60 335-1 (IEC 335-1, CEI 61-150) EN 60034-1 (IEC 34-1, CEI 2-3).

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