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Tricel Novo UK6 Sewage Treatment Plant - Up To 4 Bedrooms

£2,154.00 £1,795.00

Single unit sewage treatment plant for up to 6 people, with gravity discharge & loss of pressure alarm. For further information please see the following brochures:

Tricel NOVO UK6-UK50 Brochure
Tricel Technical Installation Brochure
Tricel UK6 Technical CAD Drawing

Estimated Lead Time: 3-5 Working Days
Delivery included to mainland England & Wales

We can also supply pumped outlets on request when gravity discharge is not sufficient 

The Tricel Novo UK 6 Sewage Treatment System treats domestic sewage & waste water for up to 4 bedrooms. The Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment System is one of the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial sewage treatment plants on the market.

As a market leader in the manufacture of waste water treatment systems Tricel also offer some of the quickest lead times in the industry making them an attractive solution all round.

Please note that offloading of the unit should be arranged by the customer. For further information please see 'Delivery' section below.

Each Tricel Novo UK system comes with a loss of pressure alarm and standard invert level of 535mm* giving a low drainage depth which saves time and money on installation. *Risers are available for purchase if your invert level is less than 535mm (see NOTE below)

How does the Tricel Novo work?

The Tricel Novo 6 sewage treatment plant uses a three-stage process to treat sewage.

Step 1 - Primary Settlement Chamber

The first stage of sewage treatment takes place in the Tricel tank’s Primary Settlement Chamber where anaerobic breakdown occurs. Upon the introduction of the wastewater the solids fall to the bottom of the chamber where they become separated from the liquid.

Step 2 - The Aeration Chamber

The next stage in the Tricel wastewater treatment process takes place in the Aeration Chamber and involves aerobic breakdown. The Aeration Chamber contains specially designed filter media which is inhabited by masses of naturally occurring bacteria sustained by a continuous supply of air which is provided by a purpose-built pump in the top section of the unit. As the liquid flows slowly through the filter media the bacteria feed on the waste, removing it from the liquid.

Step 3 - Final Settlement Chamber

In the final stage of the wastewater treatment, the liquid flows from the Aeration Chamber of the Tricel tank into the Final Settlement Chamber. This liquid is then carried with suspended sludge consisting of bacteria into the chamber where it settles to the bottom. A continuous sludge return system then pumps the sludge back into the primary settlement chamber leaving the remaining treated liquid meeting the required standard to be safely passed out of the Tricel Novo system.

Features and Benefits

    • Gravity discharge
    • Loss of pressure alarm included
    • Standard Invert Level: 535mm (see NOTE below)
    • EN 12566-3 European Certified which complies within the EU
    • Quick & easy to install
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Low power consumption
    • Easy access for emptying
    • Quiet when in operation
    • Manhole risers available to suit varying site conditions
    • Site assessments available to meet planning requirements
    • Service contracts available
    • Minimal visibility due to underground installation 

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NOTE - Invert Levels & Risers

Is your invert level below the standard 535mm?  To increase the invert depth see our Tricel Risers of  250mm, 500mm and 750mm heights.

NB: The number of turrets required differ depending on your tricel unit. Please check the CAD drawing for the amount of turrets required.

Pumps - We can also supply either an internal or external pumped outlet if required. Please call for further information.

Novo Design Population No. of People Length(m)  Width(m)  Height(m)  Nominal inlet/outlet diameter(mm)  Weight Empty(kg)  Inlet Invert to Base Outlet Invert to Base(m)  Inlet Invert to Ground Level Air Blower Rating(watts) 
UK6   1-6 2.1 1.64 2.24 110 275 1.374 1.3 0.535 60
UK8   2-8 2.6 1.64 2.24 110 300 1.375 1.3 0.535 100
UK10   3-10 3.1 1.64 2.24 110 375 1.375 1.3 0.535 100
UK12   4-12 3.6 1.64 2.27 110 400 1.375 1.3 0.535 100
UK18   6-18 4.6 1.64 2.27 110 500 1.375 1.3 0.535 200
UK24   8-24 5.6 1.64 2.27 150 600 1.35 1.3 0.56 200
UK30   10-30 6.6 1.64 2.27 150 700 1.35 1.3 0.56 200
UK36 Tank A 12-36 2.6 1.64 1.99 150 300 1.35 1.3 0.46  
  Tank B   5.6 1.64 2.27 150 600 1.35 1.3 0.56 200 + 80
UK42 Tank A 14-42 3.6 1.64 1.99 150 400 1.35 1.3 0.46  
  Tank B   5.6 1.64 2.27 150 600 1.35 1.3 0.56 200 x 2
UK50 Tank A 16-50 3.6 1.64 1.99 150 400 1.35 1.3 0.46  
  Tank B   6.6 1.64 2.27 150 700 1.35 1.3 0.56 200 x 2


We will advise you of a delivery date when known, please ensure that contact details at the checkout are correct. Offloading is to be arranged by the customer. Depending on the manufacturer's re-stocking policy there may be a re-delivery charge.

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